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  • Sending Off the Old

    It’s 02:30 and I’m having my 1st coffee of the day. Outside a gentle rain falling, ah the freshness it brings is sweet.  I love the stillness and quietness… it’s the last day of the old year and the new is just waiting to burst forth; if my mom were still with us I would be […]

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  • Cookies and Kool-aid

    My grandpa always told me sweetheart Jesus loves you, but he never offered to take us to church, yet he would reprimand my mom for not taking the children to church. Through his telling me of Jesus love for me, that seed was planted in my heart and began to grow. I thought about my […]

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  • Thinking and Praying on the Goodness Mercy and Grace of God

    As we open ourselves to the Holy Spirit He gives us opportunity to watch in awe, see in amazement with our own eyes, and hear with our own ears what God has done, and is doing. He truly is an amazing tender loving and compassionate Father and God and we belong to Him, yet He […]

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  • God is Busy talking care of me

    :-)God is busy taking care of me. I went to the church prayer gathering on Sat from 2-6pm and prayed over people, and had some very sweet encounters with God’s special babies.  Returned home, had dinner , two cups of tea and went to bed but woke up in middle of the night with huge lumps […]

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