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  • The Beloved and His Bride, Where Love Flows Freely

    Lord my heart is ablaze with passion for You like a river that rages bursting its banks so is my love for You. Permeate my entire being with Your presence, overflow me with Your fullness. Like Esther of old let Your beautiful fragrance bathe me as I carry your presence. And I love you my […]

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  • Restoration Is Yours

    Several nights ago, in the very early hours of the morning, the Lord spoke to my heart 3 life-changing words and nothing more. He said: Restoration is yours. As I have come to know and began to understand His heart for me, I know when He speaks words like this it brings with those words […]

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  • Call Down Mercy and Speak Grace to the Mountain

    Many things are happening in my nation of America, and I have read, and I have heard many people talking about the judgment of God. I have heard many people calling down judgment from God on my nation because they’ve heard other people do it and they followed suit releasing those same words. This is […]

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  • Peace Amid the Chaos

    I had a difficult night last night. I slept for two hours and was then wide-awake, and it was like chaos trying to enter into my mind.  And I remember saying, Lord, where are you and all of this, where are you? I need Your peace and I remember suddenly calling out eirene, eirene, eirene, eirene, the peace […]

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