Heart of Life Ministry


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There are needs all around us, yet the greatest need is learning to listen to what the Lord is saying for our right now moment in time and to participate-engage with Him for the outcome. God desires to bless and set people free from death and destruction, and this includes our mindsets. He gives us life, healing, wholeness, health, and instructs us in the way of life. As you listen to this word of encouragement, may faith and hope arise in you. May you receive His freshness in your prayer life along with a new fresh bold faith to believe, courage to go and strength to endure. His presence longs to overflow your very soul as He is longing for you to arise-walk-run- leap-jump-fly and then to soar like a beautiful eagle with His Holy Spirit. You are empowered now to live and move in the things of God while you are on this earth. Go forth and be who God called you to be.

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