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The Blessings of the Lord and His Grace

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As you begin this new day, make it your aim to start it off with and in the presence of God. Listen intently as He has much to share with you. As you listen and engage with Him press in even more to take hold of and receive the blessings He has reserved just for you. They are waiting for you and are with Him in the secret place of intimacy. This is something that one must pursue and go after.

Years ago the Lord told me He was going to teach me how to scuba dive and take hold of treasures deep down. I knew He was speaking prophetically, yet several weeks later I signed up for PADI SCUBA LESSONS  and past all the test and then had my open water dives…

Sometimes it is not enough to sit, pray and wait, but we must put action with our prayers and move past the fears of what if…

Stand up and be the person He created you to be right where you are, and make a dedicated decision to let nothing hold you or keep you from your God given destiny. You can make a difference right where you are, you will make a difference right where you are, and you already are making a difference. Steps in the right direction whether small or giant are still steps in the right direction. You cannot compare what God has for you to what He has for someone else as we all have gifts and talents that differ one from another.

Keep you eyes focused on the Kingdom of God at hand and not the natural surroundings. Keep God and His word at the forefront of your heart and soul, and not only will you will stay true to your convictions of faith but most of all you will stay true to God.

Be one who is willing to change, be changed and start change and not just talk about change as God is not just looking for those who will worship Him in Spirit and in Truth, He is looking for those who say, Here I am God, I’m willing for You to use me for whatever!

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