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A Revelation and Morning Remembrance

A Revelation and Morning of Remembrance

This morning as I was praying, I said Lord I want to be the best I can be for You. Sounds great, right? Yet immediately I was sweetly arrested in my spirit. The thought arose in me that my goodness wasn’t enough and could never be. Holy Spirit spoke so lovingly to me saying it’s not your goodness, but the goodness of the Father who created you and Who is in you.

There was no judging, criticizing, or who do you think you are. He just so sweetly instructed that it is not my goodness because my goodness was never enough. But the Father who created me, who called me forth, anointing and appointing me for His glory, that it is only His goodness in me that can truly complete the task.

My prayer changed to Father, in Jesus name, I ask You to call up all Your goodness in me. Call up in me all that You deemed for me from the onset. Father call it all up and bring it to the forefront of who You created me to be for Your glory. May all that I am and even desire to be fully and completely align with Your desire and purpose for me. Holy Spirit, You are my Helper and I ask You to please help me to fully become, to engage, to participate with You in all Father has deemed in my life, for HIs glory and honor amen.

I was then reminded of a dream I had some years ago.

In this dream, I saw a grave that had been there for a while. The ground was flat and well-manicured, and the grass was freshly cut. Someone had taken great care of it. I was watching this unfold before my eyes as if I were watching a movie. Three men walked up with two of them having digging implements. Standing at the grave the one in charge spoke telling the two men to dig up the grave. They looked at him oddly yet obeyed his word. The grave was dug up and the coffin exposed. He looked at them again and said open it. They said something to each other and to him and he spoke again saying, I said open it, this time they obeyed. When it was opened, I, gasp, as I could see me inside that coffin!

There was no decay and I looked as if I had just laid down to go to sleep. I was amazed when I noticed a helmet was on my head. The man in charge then leaning over the coffin began speaking directly into my spirit with his face just inches from my belly area. To this day I do not know what he said yet I do know the results. When he had finished speaking to my spirit immediately my eyes opened, and I sat up. While still in that coffin I mounted a big yellow motorcycle and I took off never to look back.

Jesus was the man in charge, and though I do not know what He spoke into my spirit that day, I do know that He called me up, and called me out. He called forth His destiny in me again. Today, I live by His Word, that which is written and that which He continues to speak to me, Spirit to spirit. My faith is ever increasing with Him.

What does this have to do with you who are reading this?  Everything!

You may have hopes, dreams, visions, and even desires that have died and are buried. Yet, God’s plan and purpose for you remains. His desire for you is alive and well, it has never been buried. Your age, or where you presently are is not a factor, your willingness is.

Relationship is everything to God, and He cares about your relationship with Him. Ask Him for He is more than willing to speak to everything in you that is dead. He desires all His goodness to resurrect, refresh, and refill you. Ask Him to overflow you with All His goodness right where you are.

He will not disappoint you, for it is His desire in you that will carry you into His eternity for you.

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