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This morning I was thinking of a song that burst froth from my spirit to the Lord quiet a while ago, so I went to my iTunes and found it. As I was engaging with the song that is a mixture of praise, gratitude and pouring out my heart, one phrase I said to the Lord grabbed my attention. A WOW moment and Revelation poured forth.

 The Phrase: Lord, You don’t talk bad about me!

The Revelation: We are not granted the right or privilege to speak ill of others.

Needless to say repentance poured forth from my heart!

The Lord does not talk bad about us as His children. He always encourages and strengthens us. He always has wonderful things to say to us even in correcting us He does not wound, berate to talk down to us, therefore my heart was arrested because I was face to face with my own sin.

God, our Father, Jesus, our Lord and Holy Spirit Who is hear to help us They do not talk bad about us, They do not talk down to us, yet we so frequently speak ill of others. We wound with our words somehow thinking we have the right to do so BUT we do not. We have been given the right, the privilege, and the honour to pray, to praise, to worship, to strengthen, to encourage, to lift up and to edify.

We were never given the liberty to beat people down with our words, or to say things we have no right in saying. I was reminded of Daniel who flung open the windows of his prayer place and repented for the sins of the people…Oh Lord forgive us…YES all of us for surely we have sinned with our words and grieved the Holy Spirit.

Therefore…I had a wonderful time of repentance, but not just for me, oh no how could I be so selfish, my prayer of repentance included the body of Christ as a whole.

This spirit and that is most certainly what it is, is not the Spirit of God and it has come in so subtle and dressed so finely with a voice like an angel and for sure it is, yet it is an angel of darkness. I don’t know how the door opened for me or for you who read this, but at all cost this door must not only be shut, but also barred forever. Each of us must repent for our damaging words and ask Holy Spirit to show us where and how this came in and root it out of us.

Mt. 15:13 Jesus said every plant that the Father has not planted will be pulled up by the roots. So we say AMEN Lord do it, do it in me first!

God did not plant this in our heart for His very nature is purity and holiness, goodness, greatness, mercy, and compassion plus.

Yet somehow we caught the essence of this spirits foulness for truly we were not taught this behaviour, we caught it! A door was opened, a line was crossed and what followed was a seduction of heart and soul. We were seduced in thinking we had a right to speak wrongly of others, and it made no difference if they were in the body of Christ or not.

NO, we do not have this right, nor is it a privilege; this is deception at its core. So what to do?

1.    Repentance is always first priority.   

2. Ask God to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from al unrighteousness.

3. We receive His forgiveness and move forward.

4. We pray great blessings upon those we have abused and cursed with our words.

5. We pray that our wrong words will die and God will establish His word in our heart and pray it forth over them.

6. We pray good stuff over them.

7. Pray that our words will be sweet, pleasant, mild and just.

8. Pray that we will never partner with the enemy again in our conversations to destroy someone with our words.

9. Ask God to help us to reach out our hands to pull them up and help them become established in their place.

10. Ask Holy Spirit to realign us where we are out of alignment.

11. Fully expect God to help us by answering these prayer points because they are His heart for us.

Lord God we have repented and now ask for Your mercy to descend upon us and wash us and cleanse us from our nasty behaviour. Forgive us for the sin of the words of our mouths, which have not brought glory to you, nor brought honour to those we were speaking of.

Right now Lord let you mercy envelope those we have wounded with our carless words, bring healing to them in every area of their being. Raise them up and establish them in the destiny You have for them.

Father, forgive us for the carelessness of our words as they have been so out of alignment from Your heart for us and with what You call us to say and who You have called us to be.

Forgive us for the times we have added our two cents worth in needless conversations because we could and by so doing we did more damage than good.

Forgive us for having a tongue that starts fires instead of one that pours prayer on the fires to extinguish them.

Father may we be blessed with a 180 degree turn around from the way we speak now to the way heaven speaks. From today forth may we speak here on earth as it is spoken in heaven. Father may our words be so aligned with what heaven is saying that our words will be as it were heavens prayers we release here on earth.

Father God cleanses us, wash us, dress us a fresh this day. Lord God we stand and honour You and bless You, and from this day forth as we open up our mouth to speak we ask that You will fill our mouth according to Psalm 81:10, we open our mouths wide and You fill them with words of life, strength, health, grace, peace, joy, encouragement and words that will put a person over and not under.

Lord God thank You, thank You that in Your correction we are fully arrested yet our tears will be tears of joy for Your correction is intended to produce life and peace in us.

Thank You Lord, thank You



Posted in Blog on August 1, 2013.

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