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Cookies and Kool-aid

My grandpa always told me sweetheart Jesus loves you, but he never offered to take us to church, yet he would reprimand my mom for not taking the children to church. Through his telling me of Jesus love for me, that seed was planted in my heart and began to grow. I thought about my Jesus all the time; then one day a bus came to down our street and collected children taking them to a little Nazarene church for something called Vacation Bible School. I remember grandpa told us about it and said they had cookies and kool-aid and I was going to get some. I got more than cookies and sweet drinks though because that is where I fell in love with my Jesus as a young girl of eight years.

I remember the workers talking about this same Jesus my grandpa told me of and reading Bible stories and the best was when the time came for the cookies and kool-aid, we were poor and did not get store bought sweets very often. I remember having to collect soda bottles and take them to the store and the owner would give me cookies from a really big glass jar.

Vacation Bible School went on for two full weeks and at the end the pastor asked all the children the question; who wants Jesus to come and live in their heart to raise their hand. I raised my hand and then we marched down the church isle and were told to kneel down, close our eyes, and repeat after him. I did along with some others and as we finished he said; now you belong to Jesus. I still remember a joy in my heart and how happy I was.

It was now time for everyone to return home. When I got off the bus walking toward my house I notice a King Edward cigar wrapper on the ground because my uncle smoked those and it had a red band around it.

I picked it up and took the band off the cellophane and put that red band on my wedding ring finger then holding my hand up to heaven I ask Jesus a question; Jesus will You marry me?

I have thought back on that day many times in my life and each time my heart swells and my eyes fill with tears at the faith and innocence of a child in love with her Jesus.

Life has had its ups and downs, as I so sweetly call the good, the bad and the ugly yet through it all one thing has never changed and that is Jesus love for me, and my love for Him. Of a truth His mercy and loving kindness really does endure forever.

He has awaked and stirred my love and it continues to deepen and the passion gets stronger, for sure He has ravished my heart.

My prayer for you. may your heart be fully open today with all the innocence of a child to receive Jesus and all the deposits heaven can afford you.

His mercy and loving kindness toward you endure forever and He is waiting with outstretched arms to gather you to Himself. 



Posted in Blog on December 18, 2012.

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