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From The Secret Place To The Open Public Space


So many times we want more and more and we continually say, God I want more of You, God… I want more. Yet the stark reality is we have all of God that we can get, the issue is we are the ones that hold back from Him, OUCH hope everyone’s toes are ok. There are times when God calls us a side just because He wants to be with us and not because He desires to tell us anything. He loves us and desires our presence wanting us to love Him and desire His presence above everything else. 

In these times of quietness and sharing heart to heart and even face-to-face, God is building something deep on the inside of us that is preparing us for the next phase of life, and in this process we get to enjoy Him. 

I liken this experience to David and his time taking care of his father’s sheep and being in the wilderness long before he was called to become king. God needed to prepare David for the future for he was but a youth and his childish heart needed to grow and to be adjusted. God also needed to build his character and endurance so that in times of difficulty he would not compromise his integrity for things of the world and leave God’s sheep. As David willingly took care of his father’s sheep, God was forging a leader, a warrior and a future king.

God infused David with His dreams, visions and desires for David personally and for Israel, as they were being built into him making him what he would become he gave his all to God.

God knew the day would come that David would have to stand against the giants of the land, yet long before he would be allowed to stand and fight the giants it was vital that he learn well as the day would come when he would first have to stand against and fight the lion and the bear and overcome them. 

David put in practice day by day what he heard and learned from God. God knew if He could trust David to take care of the natural sheep of the land that belong to his father then He could trust him with His own sheep, who were His people. David passed each God given test and this brought him from the secret place of day-by-day intimacy with God to the open public place of signs, wonders and miracles. 

The day finally came went he went up against Goliath, the giant of his day. There stood little David who was still a youth but one who had been with God. He against the great big giant and seemingly against all odds he won the battle. He not only killed Goliath but, with Goliath’s own sword took off his head for all Israel to see. God gave him the strength, the power, and the victory because he was speaking God’s word against the enemy saying, I will do to you and overcome you even as I did the lion and the bear. He was speaking out the covenant of God and he overcame powerfully.

What you put in your heart will come out at the right time.

David’s foundation with God, and His covenant in him were forged in the wilderness of learning, trial and temptation. He could have run away leaving his father’s sheep to the wolves, lions and bears, but he chose to stay and fight.

A young warrior arose that would fight many more battles.  

A youth grew and learned the art of leadership.

young future king learned how to declare and decree a thing.

All this preparation took place in the secret place of intimacy. Yet if David had not separated himself and willingly gave his heart, life and time to God so that he would learn the vital lessons and grow up in all the things of God, I’m not sure he would have overcome the trials and test as he did.

Now hopefully you understand the importance of daily spending time with God in the secret place. This must happen before anyone is ever advanced to the open public place by God and for his kingdom. 

Father God thank You for the secret place, as it truly is the best place on the face of this earth. In this place we get to be in Your presence, to sit with You, to share with You, to receive from You, and to grow up in You. There is nothing more important or pleasurable than Your presence and being with You.

Thank You that this place called the secret place is a place we can come in and to go out and can return again and go out again. This is the place of deep intimacy, of dreams, visions, pregnancies, and where birthing takes place.  

Father, each day we will gladly stay in this place until you deem it is time to send us out knowing that we are going out with covenant in our hearts and on our lips, with strength, and with overcoming power that will ultimately leads us into victory.

Thank you Jesus, we love you and are totally in love with you!


Posted in Blog on November 1, 2013.

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