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God is Busy talking care of me

:-)God is busy taking care of me.

I went to the church prayer gathering on Sat from 2-6pm and prayed over people, and had some very sweet encounters with God’s special babies.  Returned home, had dinner , two cups of tea and went to bed but woke up in middle of the night with huge lumps on both sides of my throat felt like fire and razor blades when I would swallow. We got up went to church and I prophesied the heart of God to the congregation. Then we went to breakfast, came home gave  Abby our sweet doggy her bath, then I went swimming and did 15 laps which was three more that previous \0/. Then we had our special dinner,s grilled ham and cheese sandwiches with sliced apples yeah time for bed. It was a rough night but throughout I was singing praises to the Lord and something about 10,000 years and forever more, (it was great). Topping if off this morning as I was cutting Abby’s sweet potato with scissors which is truly a no no, I snipped the tip of my ring finger, ugh bleeding quiet nicely, BUT now I can only see a small area which looks to be a week old as for as healing. He loves me so much!!!!!

The prophetic word was: IF YOU CAN BELIEVE NOTHING WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOU. There was more but I need to get the DVD then try to upload the word part on the website 🙂

May your week be graced with His awesome presence, so reach out and embrace HIM and all that He has for you, surely it is only His goodness, mercy and grace!

Bye for now,


Posted in Blog on December 2, 2012.

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