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Sometimes I am at a loss for what to say in the face of what is being written and posted. During those times I back off, pray, and ask Holy Spirit what is going on and then I listen for His reply.

With all the evil being unleashed in our day and there is a bucket load…it seems we have turned to fighting flesh and blood and leaving the enemy at bay to carry out his nasty deeds. There is a root that needs to be addressed and then destroyed… Jesus came not only to seek and save what was lost but also to destroy the works of the devil.

This is what I heard from the Holy Spirit.

If Jesus is with those who have received Him as Lord and Saviour and He said He would be with them always even to the end of the ages,

If He said to His own, you are in Me and I am in you and We are one even as the Father and I are One,

If He said that His very own could ask Him for anything in His Name and it would be done for them,

If Jesus said whatever is born of God (and that is ALL His Children) are victorious over the world (and that includes satan who is the god of this world) and their faith is the victory that conquers the world,

And if it is the victorious one [that conquers] the world and it is these victorious ones who believes that Jesus is the Son of God [because they adhere to, trust in, and rely on that fact] 1 John 5:4

If Jesus said this and so very much more, then why is there so much unbelief in the believing ones?

We of all people should be the very ones releasing the Word of God against the…DID GOD SAY.

We should be the very ones speaking the IT IS WRITTEN just as Jesus did to satan.

We should be the very ones that speak the word only and then stand back, stand still and see the Salvation of the Lord as we watch what God does when we individually, collectively and progressively release our faith!

When we do this, we and our faith will begin to soar like the eagle.

This is what I received from the Holy Spirit and this gives us much to think on.

The bottom line; either we believe what God’s Word states as truth and reality, even when all hell seems to be advancing, or we don’t believe at all.

Isaiah 7:9 tells us; If you do not stand firm in you faith, you will not stand at all.’”

So let’s stand, and let’s stand strong in the Lord because we are already empowered in our union with Him and let’s stand in faith believing that it is as the Lord said it is, and it will be even as He said it would be!

Posted in Blog on January 3, 2013.

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