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Let’s Get This Show on the Road

God really personally desires to speak directly into the hearts of His children. He made it so we don’t need a “middle man”, and I’m not speaking against the Catholic Church, so please do not take this out of context. Our confessional is heart to heart, spirit-to-spirit with The Lord God Almighty and from this platform I’m speaking.

Ministry within the church is wonderful, BUT we ministers are not God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit. We pray, we listen, then we speak, OR that is the way it should be. We do not speak what someone desires to hear, but we are to speak the word that we hear from heaven with no addition or subtraction.

In the Church there are many who are wounded, broken, down and out, on edge, depressed and in a state of hopelessness. The foundation is shaky and beginning to fall, and they never seem to grow, or move from that place. This is much more than a two-fold issue, but here are two points.

1. We are all responsible for readying our Bible and praying to God,
2. The leaders in the church are responsible to watch over the flock and make sure they have food worth eating when in service.

When these two are in play, and yes sometimes things happen and it’s called life, BUT when we are in the Word and prayer communing with our Father God, and when the leaders in the church are doing what God requires of them, then we will have a foundation that will be strong, steady, stable and one that cannot be shaken, for our foundation will be build on God’s Word, which has and always will stand the test of time and eternity.

Please understand I’m in no way making light of anyone’s situation or circumstances for even the pillars in the church need prayer support.

What I’m saying is, if we never learn how to endure, if we do not have faith and patience, if we are not watering the word God has released in our hearts, and if we are not communing and fellowshipping with The Godhead Who is in us, with us and for us, then we will always be like a fish out of water, floundering here and there. We will always be running after people asking do you have word, do you have something for me from God instead of believing what God has already said to us will be just as He has said.

Do we really understand what happened with Abraham and Sarah when they decided to do things their way?

God promised them Isaac and gave them a one year time frame in which this would come to pass. They got tired of waiting and Sarah had a stupid idea and look out here comes Ishmael who was not God’s promise. Their lack to faith and patience in waiting for the promise of God to be fulfilled as He said it would be is still causing life and death issues to this very day as we see and hear of the war between Israel and the Arabs.

Knowing we can all hear as God has said in Psalm 40:6 I have given you the capacity to hear and obey, this is what sense in my spirit.

It is time for the warriors in and of the Kingdom of God to arise and declare war against that which is not of God, and we do this by listening to the Holy Spirit Who is our Great Intercessor and then declare and decree what He said, see John 16:26.

It is time for the leaders, pastors, and teachers to teach, train, educate the body of Christ as Jesus told Peter; Feed My lambs, Tend My sheep, Feed My sheep, John 21:15-17.

It is time for us to daily be fully filled, clothed, flooded, and possessed with and by the Holy Spirit, Judges 6:34, Acts 4:8 plus many others look up the word filled with the Spirit on Google and you will see.

It is time for all of us as the Body of Christ to be responsible and take responsibility in our place and sphere of influence.

It is time to stop blaming others for things that happen which affect us directly and yet we did nothing to change or correct it when we could have.

It is time to let our speech be wholesome, and that our words are sweet, pleasant, mild and just, Psalms 141:6.

Honestly it is time to stop running here and there and that we all grow up in all the will and the word of God; and then by His grace we will overcome and be the victorious ones He has called us to be.

There is so much more for all of us we just need to reposition our hearts before the Lord Who loves us with an everlasting love and has called us with His loving kindness!

NOTE: All Scripture is taken from the Amplified Bible

Posted in Blog on February 28, 2013.

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