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I really like apples and here in Kuala Lumpur we get some great ones. My two favourite ones come from New Zealand and are called Envy and Smitten. I think the names are so funny and my logic is all the other apples are envious because you are letting them stay on the shelf and once you eat them you are smitten, ok I know, but this is how my mind thinks.

Envy is now out of season and the Smitten are in. This week I bought a bag of eight Smitten and the first ones were great, crunchy, sweet and juicy. I cut one for breakfast and the inside was really bad dark and brown ☹. I cut another one and it was worse almost as if they were frozen and deeply bruised.

I took them back to the market as they guarantee their produce and the lady was so kind and apologetic. She looked at the apples and said, they look great on the outside.

REVELATION MOMENT: immediately I perceived the Lord say and that’s the way it is with a lot of hearts. On the outside the people look fine and put on a big face so you think they have it all together, yet on the inside the heart is bruised and damaged like they have been frozen.

What causes a heart to get so bruised and damaged to the point of being frozen? Each person has to answer this for him or herself.

God is in the business of healing hearts and gets divine pleasure from setting people free.

Now I don’t know what may have happened to you, what is in your past or present, what your friends, family or work colleagues or even your boss may have done to you; but it’s time to turn your face to the Healer of the broken hearted.

He does not want to repair your heart; He desires to restore your heart to new life, therefore restoring you to health, peace and strength. Only then can a person be free to arise and go forth and be who they were created to be.
Grace, and peace to you from the Lord and me.

Posted in Blog on May 10, 2013.

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