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Pray-Listen-and Pray Again

Have you ever felt like fish out of water? It seems many are finding themselves in this place now. Some have left the church because things were seriously out of order, some have left jobs, some have even left families because the pressure of life was hitting too hard. Some turn to other things to take their mind off what is happening in the world around them. Sound familiar to anyone?

The enemy knows how to destroy and that is one of his names, the destroyer and the deceiver. His chief purpose is to kill, steal and to destroy, see John 10:10.

But Jesus came to:

Give life in abundance,

Seek and save that which was lost, Luke 19:10

To destroy the works of the devil, 1 John 3:8, Yahoo for us. 

Using Our Time Wisely

My sweet husband is away for a couple of days and I have made a habit of giving that time to the Lord, its called making the most of every opportunity.

My quiet music will be playing as I’m reading then I begin to pray-listen-and pray-again releasing something I heard from the Lord. Abby, our sweet dog, loves the secret place as I do for as I look over I find her flipped on her back and in the God zone; it’s so funny for sometimes she gets there before me. 

What About All This Soaking Stuff

Personally for me, these soaking years of intimacy, being with the Lord in the secret place, see Psalm 91, have had great purpose as they have served to prepare, nourish, and strengthen me for each season of life then I begin to sense or discern what is happening or what is coming.

Several times of late I have heard the Lord ask me; watchman what do you see? I would stop, close my eyes and almost lean forward as if peering in and then would see and respond.

He really amazes me; for it seems when I’m at my lowest, and we all have those times, but He just smiles as if to say; hey watch this! Then I smile.

Today’s Reflection

I thought of how Joshua stayed in the secret place of intimacy and worship learning lifetime lessons from Lord before he was released into God’s purpose and plan.

Moses laid down all his prominence and was 40 years on the backside of the desert-tending sheep, and then God called him from a burning bush.

Abraham left his family and all that was a comfort to him to go where he had never gone before, ha sounds like Star Trek.

Daniel holding true to his faith in God in the very face of those who wanted to kill him,

Deborah arising in Israel when others could have but did not,

Esther laying her life on the line for her country,

David growing in his kingly destiny while tending the sheep,

So, since God tried, proved, and tested all these, why do we think it the process will be any different for us?  It would be so much easier if and when we get this settled in our sweet thinking once and for all knowing that God really knows what He is doing and we just need to let go, agree, and then ask Holy Spirit to align us with Him and God’s plan and purpose.

Ok there you have it.

Posted in Blog on January 8, 2013.

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