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So What’s In Your Wallet?


Sometimes life throws us curve balls, but we never stop swinging the bat, we just go to the batting cage and practice hitting curve balls!

We Never Give Up!

So for those of you who find yourself out of sorts, it’s ok to just be quiet for a short while. So, go find yourself a comfortable quiet place, sit down and ask Holy Spirit to help you by opening your eyes and heart to God’s perfect for YOU.

Watch, Wait, Listen, Praise Him and Pray!

Stay in faith believing!

God really has something awesome just for you! 

The Bible tells us in Proverbs 10:22 the blessing of the Lord makes us rich and He adds no sorrow with it.

God truly does bless us and He adds No sorrow with His blessing.

That word blessing means:

Benediction: Blessing pronounced by the priest. Expression of approval, to endorse, authorise.

Jesus Christ, our High Priest has both pronounced blessings and authorized us for those blessings by approving and endorsing us for His blessings. \o/.

Prosperity: success, profitability, affluence, wealth, opulence, luxury, the good life, milk and honey, (good) fortune, ease, plenty, comfort, security, wellbeing.

Having all the bases covered, He has not left anything to chance and He has no plan b.

Liberal: generous, generous in quantity. God has given us Christ Jesus and all that belongs to Him. BUT we choose as to receive Him and His blessings.

Pool: collective resource, investment fund, swimming pool, lake, pond, bring together.

I think this is extremely fun. The best investment fund we have is our life in Christ, for with Him there are never shortages or shortfall days, weeks, months or years, nor is He ever bankrupt. He calls us to come and swim in His rivers, ponds and lakes so we can be refreshed, and then we have the great privilege of taking and receiving from His resources…Now that is fantastic and fun.

Present: to give something, offer something formally, officially, to make something evident, impart.

God has also formally offered and freely given everyone who will receive the greatest gift of all, which is Salvation, yet we choose whether to receive or deny the gift. He never demands we accept His free gifts, but He freely and officially offers them to everyone.

At the end of the day,

God offers to each one of us, but the choice is ours as to whether or not we will accept the offer.

So again I ask, what’s in your wallet? Choose wisely!

Posted in Blog on November 11, 2013.

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