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Question: How do you deal with someone who publicly acknowledged you twice as a spiritual son or daughter yet they never contact you unless they need something, and if you contact them you don’t hear back?

The answer is easy if you are honest with yourself.

If you are truly the only one active in keeping the spiritual son/daughter relationship alive be willing to LET THEM GO!

If the only time you hear from the spiritual parent is when they need or require something from you, which is usually several prayer items to keep you busy, or prayer items related to their finances, be willing to LET THEM GO.

Bless them and let them go for your own spiritual wellbeing.

Parenthood whether spiritual or biological is supposed to be relational; meaning both parties give to the need of the other. It is never to be one-sided, that is abuse, manipulation, and is just wrong.

Relationships should be based on open communication within both parties. Questions should always be welcomed never rejected.

We take this from Jesus and His teaching and training of the disciples. He welcomed their questions and comments no matter how off the wall they may have been, also this gave Him opportunity to impart to them a better way for everyday life, spiritual growth and any future ministry, (WWJD) What would Jesus do?

Now if you are desperate for a spiritual parent, you really need to search your heart and ask the Lord about this issue. Is it because your friends have one and you feel left out, or are you’re really needy? If that is the case then go to a Bible Study group so you can receive help and grow up in your salvation. Once you know the why, then you are on the road to recovery and freedom.

Next you need to know and understand that God is your EVERYTHING. Ask Him to help you and to be the One to fill your need, desire, and any and all void spaces in your life.

Then once that is settled in your heart ask Him to help you find a true prayer partner, one of your own gender, one that you may freely share your heart, and one who has godly morals, values, honesty, and one of integrity.

This is also the kind of person you are to be with your prayer-partner ☺.

No loose lips, no sharing with others what is said. This is an absolute NO, NO and is a breaker of relationships.


I pray for you to be set free from others expectations, which they have placed on you.

I pull up all those roots of rejection, abuse, manipulation and woundedness and say receive the wholeness and healing of Christ.

I set you free and release you from every unholy, ungodly relationship, fellowship, association, ministers and ministries that would serve to use, abuse, and manipulate you and take advantage of your sweet nature and of your giftings.

I break the power of and loose you from the soul ties of your spiritual parent and I decree that you are free from all effects of these soul ties, and all its ungodly power over you is now uprooted, cut off, null and void, and can no longer operate over you.

I decree over you that every part of your soul, which has been scattered, must now return to you with peace. I decree your freedom and say you are a whole sound person.

I call you forth to arise and shine with the Light and Love of Jesus Christ Who loves you with an everlasting love and I say declare you are free to go, and to do, and to be all that God has said to you in the secret place!

Posted in Blog on March 2, 2013.

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