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The Rivers of God

Rivers, rivers, rivers, rivers, rivers,

Rivers of washing, Rivers of purging,
Rivers of fire and purity,
Rivers of healing, and wholeness,
Rivers of Salvation
Rivers of life and abundance,
Rivers of love, mercy and grace,
Rivers of provision, now and future,
Rivers of fruit,
Rivers of youth and ideas,
Rivers of action and boldness,
Rivers of strength and peace
Rivers of forgiveness, and open doors.

I have rivers ready and waiting to receive you.

What is your need? I have provision.
What is your desire? Inquire of Me.

The position where you are now is only a short stay so don’t get comfortable. I’ve called you to the heights and to go beyond.

Are you ready and willing to leave the old, like you would a worn out wine skin, which is in need of tossing out?

Know this, staying in a place of comfort only leads to dullness of your senses whereas I’ve called you to be new sharp threshing and overcoming.

Dullness leads to the shrug of the shoulders and a casual so be it attitude which is not My way.

Sharpness of spirit leads to boldness and life, encouraging many and causing one to rise up in faith and in the place I need them.

My rivers are all open to you, yet you must be willing to swim.

Your comforts are only momentary, what I have for you is eternal and even though the way is not what you would always choose its in going and willingness to change that you arise and are ready not only to go but to lead many who will follow.

Child I’m with you and of that you can be sure for I’m the true and living One. Come with me for many are ready for the journey.

Receive freshness, feel new strength rushing in, breath in the newness of My life,

I’m waiting, Let’s go!

Posted in Blog on June 24, 2013.

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