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Thinking and Praying on the Goodness Mercy and Grace of God

As we open ourselves to the Holy Spirit He gives us opportunity to watch in awe, see in amazement with our own eyes, and hear with our own ears what God has done, and is doing. He truly is an amazing tender loving and compassionate Father and God and we belong to Him, yet He is still seeking and saving those who are lost.

This morning as I have been reflecting I just wanted to share my heart of thanks with Father but also wanted to include you, for you see we all need each other. If we practice this the art of a thankful heart when things are going well with us, then when the times get rough…and they will… we will be stronger and better able to hear what the Lord will say to us and then we will be able help where the need is even if it is in our own house.  We need an established network of prayer warriors and intercessors that are already set in place and ready to join forces in prayer.

Each one that belongs to God are valuable, a true asset and credit to the Kingdom of God, whether we think so or not does not matter, for we are and God has settled the matter; Jesus went to the Cross and all our sin and nastiness was laid on Him and in that Divine Exchange we received All His Goodness therefore, none of His are to be left out. 

I love you and praise God for you, your life, for what He desires to grow in you (and me) and for the place in His Kingdom where He has placed us. We have righteous roots that are ever so deeply planted and they are drawing up the pure water of life from the bedrock of purity and from the Rock Himself! So we are rooted and grounded in this life and ready for every season!

Now with that said.

Father God we absolutely praise, adore and worship You, because You do all things well. Lord for each of these who belong to You, according to Your Word, there is no lack. Even this morning as I was listening to my worship music and one lyric led me to the Scripture (Psalm 136) where again my soul was overwhelmed with You, with Who You Are and with what You do. You just simply amaze me.

“FYI: Psm 136 has 26 verses and at the end of each verse it states; for His mercy and loving-kindness endure forever!” Personally for me, this turns every situation no matter what it may be into an opportunity of praise and this changes the very atmosphere around me and causes me to refocus on HIM.

Thank You Father for Your Word of Life, for our health, wholeness, peace, comfort, and strength and for that which is still above and beyond anything we have yet to grasp open our eyes and hearts that we will see and take hold of it.  Thank You for all who are Yours, and for those who have yet chosen to surrender all to You.

Oh Lord open up hearts and minds this wonderful Christmas season and capture them, and then radically transform each one to become like Jesus in all His attributes and character in this life. For truly Your Word says in; 1 John 4:17b …


Father You alone are God, You are the only One and there is not another, and You have countless sons and daughters. May each one that is Yours resonate with the true Spirit of Christ and may we thereby release Him in our world around us. May we be those who accept and pray for others even as You accepted and prayed for us.

Father, without and apart from You, we are nothing, yet with You we are a strong, mighty, overcoming and powerful army to be reckoned with.

Thank You that we are strong in the Lord being empowered through our union with You, drawing our strength on a daily basis from You, that strength which Your boundless might provides, as we go about our daily life in this chaotic world.

For Jesus Christ, our Beloved, Who is in us, of a truth is our hope of glory!


Posted in Blog on December 17, 2012.

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