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Vision of Clipped Wings

I was awake for quite a while during the night so I got up and sat just sharing with the Lord. After a while I went back to bed and tried to go back to sleep, instead I had a vision. I saw all kinds of birds in cages and all these birds had their wings clipped so they couldn’t fly. If they got out of the cage they would try to fly yet all they would do was flutter and fall only be picked up and put back in the cage.

As I thought on this I then saw people, some with blindfolds on their eyes, some with muffles on their ears and some whose tongues had been muted just as one would press the mute button of a remote.

These people had at one time been those who saw, heard, and spoke within churches, groups, and ministries. These had represented Christ, yet now they were bound and in cages not free to fulfill or function in their God given call.

However the Lord is not finished with these and really some have not even begun to move in there calling. What I heard was; I am removing the blindfolds from the eyes and the muffles from the ears, their voice will no longer be muted and I will grow their wings and in a moment’s time, in the twinkling of an eye those who had wings but could not fly will be loosed to fly again. Those who were blind and could not see will now see again, and those whose voices had been muted will now speak again.

Each one will engage with and participate with and move with the Holy Spirit in fresh new unprecedented ways. There will be none who can stop them for I have ordained their days, their beginning their middle and their end. No longer will My church or others be able to confound these or confuse them or bind them or hold them back from reaching the destiny I have set before them.

Get ready for all Heaven is about to break loose on earth and those who know Me will perform and who is there that can stop them? Not man, not fear, not spirits of the underworld, nor those in the heavenly places, no one will be able to stop them for I have ordained their going out and their coming in.

Posted in Blog on February 20, 2015.

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