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It is way to easy to just sit here and do nothing! You may ask; What on earth you talking about? Great, glad you had the courage to ask so let me tell you.

God gave us a will, mind and a brain, and He gave them to us to use on a daily basis. However this concept really seems foreign to so many Christians I meet and have to privilege to counsel.

Jesus said; My will is to do the will of Him Who sent Me.

Should not our will be the same? Ours is not to just sit and think about doing something, but to get off our backside and do it. We were not put here to just take up space. God gave us a mind to use for thinking and planning, then to do it.

Please understand that right thinking and right doing go hand in hand, and our brain helps us in this function. With out brain function a person is considered brain dead. Nothing is happening so that person is unable to function in any capacity of normal day-to-day life, therefore in true brain death all usable organs would be harvested and given to those in need.

Now you see why it is extremely urgent that we on a daily basis use everything God has given us. We should have a great hope and expectation of doing something and getting it right, yet even if we miss it we tried and will try again. We of all people have hope.

We must stop using the statement and or excuse of; “well I’m praying and waiting on God”. We must settle in our thinking once and for all that He is so much greater and bigger than our prayer and or excuse. By the way most of the time that statement is just an excuse to sit down and do nothing, OUCH!

Many of the Christians I know have no idea of the mega GRACE GOD gives to each of us as we pray in making right decisions. That is why He gave us freedom to choose. We get to choose and therefore we get to participate with the host of heaven while on earth.

Instead though some of us take the easy way out; pray, wait, and see if something happens. When nothing happens we pray again and wait some more and still nothing happens. Then we enlist the help of any and everyone who will pray for us. They pray and say wait and see, and again nothing happens. This is what I call going around the same mountain forever. Someone then ask us what are we doing and where are we going we have our prayer excuse ready; I’m waiting on God we say. I prayed and waited on God and nothing happened, or God is not or did not speak to me, so I’m stuck still waiting for God to give me direction and speak to me.
Seriously this is an OMG and WOW moment. Listen to me, why do you think God gave us a will, mind and brain? He has given us the ability to choose a direction or path, and to move out in faith. God has given us free will to choose what we are going to do, and with the aid of our brain and right thinking our mind help us in making decisions.


However if after weeks, months and years we are still praying about the same thing, and still waiting on God for His leading and direction, and for Him to speak to our heart, and we are still enlisting the help of others in this on going unceasing prayer project, and all our time is consumed with this one item or agenda, then we may want to consider the possibility of a religious spirit being at work here, OUCH!

We also need to understand that God is waiting for us to get up and move out of our comfort zone and step out in faith. If we are willing to do this HE will be right there with us, on the other hand, if we are not willing to do this He will let us continue on in that place because it is our choice not His.

In the Body of Christ there are diverse groups of people.

1. Movers and shakers; these are those who relentlessly pursue the heart and will of God because they spend time with Him and know His heart. They want to go, to do, and to be. There desire is to participate with the Holy Spirit in all the will of God. They want to and are those who minister healing and deliverance therefore are the very ones who set the captives set free in all realms of life.

2. There are those who sit and day dream about being a mover and shaker. They watch it play out scene by scene, they talk about their dreams and what they did, but that is all it is; talk without active participation with the Holy Spirit.

3. Then there are those who do nothing at all and are called spectators. These are the ones who sit on the fence talking about the movers and shakers and the daydreamers.

The body of Christ are called and commissioned by God to be a body in action, one on the move, one going forth, productive, and fruit bearing. He has not called and commissioned us to be spectators, or fence sitters, and surely not those who continually waste our time.

It is not my desire to slam anyone, nor would I want to, however it is my desire that in reading this you may find yourself calling out to God for His divine intervention on your behalf.

Father I thank you for those who are reading this and who take this to heart. I ask You to set the whole person, spirit, soul and body, free from all the entanglements, snares, traps, lies, and deceptions of the enemy. May they be loosed from all shackles of the mind that the enemy has used to keep them in delusion of You and Your grace and mercy. Father from today forth may it be said of them as Jesus said of Himself, that they are here to do Your will. May their mind be fully engaged with the mind of Christ. May their brain be healthy, fully alive, useful and beneficial for them, and may they learn how to engage and participate with Holy Spirit in fresh ways.

Posted in Blog on May 2, 2013.

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