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What are we to do? Which way are we to go?

If it were not for the Lord I would have been dead long ago is a very true statement for me. He has not only spiritually saved me from death, hell and the grave, but has truly saved me from physical death on more than one occasion. I can say as did Job of old; “I know that my Redeemer lives”, and will also boldly say I know that I fully belong to Him!

The second of four children I was the only girl and our street was filled with many cousins, and other friends so I learned right early how to fight for my freedom, and I might add I learned to fight well. I remember all of us going out to play and staying out most of the day and my mom never having to be concerned of our safety. My summers were filled with climbing and falling out of trees, seeing who could swing the highest, playing with frogs and little green snakes and me being Tarzan, the warrior to which I have the battle scares to show. Anyway where was it written that just because I was a girl I had to be Jane and wear dresses?

Then there were the yearly seasons of cropping tobacco, picking cotton and then the gardening, which I hated. Daddy would plough the field, then we planted the seeds, pulled up the weeds and if that were not enough having to get up before daylight and go out to pick what was planted.

Ah, now a full-grown woman has emerged, a former pastor, a present day minister and speaker, and yes, still a warrior but not with the childhood mentality of flying through the trees as Tarzan did in the jungle but now one with the heart of The true Warrior, Christ Jesus, though still I prefer blue jeans and tennis shoes… where is it written I have to wear dresses!

I reflect on those summers with joy as the laughter of those days still ring in my ears, and now I can fully appreciate the pain, discipline and agony and yes even the abuse which I will not share here all of which have made me the warrior I am today, for I have learned with God nothing is ever wasted.

Today’s world is very different from my childhood and sadly those days are seemingly gone forever, along with the days of sweet innocence and freedom when a child could go out and play for hours on end and for the most part parents were not in fear of their children’s safety.

Our world today seems to be full of uncertainties and chaos at every turn and watching the news brings with it the cry of many hearts saying; oh God have mercy and help us, which is a good thing to pray!

As Christians our direction must come from Him therefore we must allow Him to cultivate our heart at all cost, and yes it is costly. God has many ways to build what is needed in a person for their today and their future destiny yet what He builds in one He may not build in another. This kind of thinking is the way of the world; a formula, or a standard of one size fits all, and this, my friend, is destructive to our true spiritual and moral being. God has many ways and sizes.

As Christians we cannot allow ourselves to follow the path of the world. I remember my mom said to us on many occasions, well I don’t care what so and so did, if they jump off a cliff it does not mean you have to follow.

In other words, you may be the only one going a different way so don’t allow what others say cloud you godly judgment.

God does not go in the way of the world, but He sent giving Jesus to the world to save all who would follow Him! Ok so where am I going with this?

As Christians if we choose not to follow God and stay true to Him and the path He has for us, and if we choose follow the mentality of worldly people and their way of thinking, and if we are not willing to be the different one who goes in the opposite direction, then surely we will miss the way of the Lord for us as individuals.

Posted in Blog on May 1, 2013.

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