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It’s Saturday and I was up at 04:00 this morning. This however is not unusual for me as I’ve always been an early morning person. You know the old saying; the early bird gets the worm.

Forget the worms! This girl goes out to meet with Jesus in the early hours of the morning. The freshness of the morning is the best. Birds beginning to wake up and sing their songs, squirrels making a mad dash up the nearest tree to get out of Abby’s, way. She is our sweet Labrador and still loves to “try” to chase birds, butterflies and squirrels. Ok back to the morning.

After taking Abby for her early morning walk I had my study time from the book of Acts and was just leaning back on the bed engrossed in what I’d studied when I drifted off with this thought, or should I say this statement arising in my heart.


I thought about that statement. WHO SAID YOU HAD TO…

My thoughts ran to Moses, Abraham, David, Deborah, Samuel, Daniel, Elijah and Elisha.

Did God say to them I give you all this power an authority BUT you must be nice, you must not say or do anything that will offend others, or make them feel bad, you must never question the status quo, or ever say what is in your heart, but nonetheless I give you all this power and authority to use for My Glory.

Did God tell them to be politically correct? NO HE DID NOT!

Then who did? Maybe it is our culture, government, church, family, friends, or our workplace. Maybe because someone just wants to fit in or be accepted they subsume to the pressure of those who are saying, you can’t do that or you can’t say that…

Whatever the reason may be for a person choosing to be politically correct the outcome is the same; it castrates the person therefore putting them in the bondage of prison.

How can I say this, because the Bible says it!

Proverbs 29:25 The fear of man brings a snare, but whoever leans on, trusts in, and puts his confidence in the Lord is safe and set on high.

The Hebrew word charadah, FEAR means: anxiety, care, X exceedingly fear, quaking trembling, to shudder with terror, to be careful, and to discomfit; which means to make someone unsettled or confused, to thwart plans.

Now we have a clear understanding why God calls us and tells us to rise up, have faith, press into, pray at all times, get into the secret place and be at peace.

The enemy knows if we give in to the spirit of political correctness we are ensnared with the fear of man. Then my friend if this is the case we will never do anything for the Kingdom of God, because we don’t want to offend and we also know when we get out of the boat and begin to move forward in faith it is highly possible that all hell may come against us even as it did those of old.

Here again we get to choose so may we choose God!

Posted in Blog on May 10, 2013.

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