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Enter into My Joy

7 Nov. 2018 Enter into my joy.

Over the years you have gone through much adversity, pain, the anguish of heart and soul, and yes torment has been a constant thorn in your side. Even as one battle came to an end, another was right there waiting to take over. Death was a constant threat as the enemy tried time and time again to take you out. And even at those times when you wanted to end it all, you kept going because of My grace upon you.

Then, when you learned how to fight using My words as your spiritual weapon the enemy became even more afraid of you because he knew that you were climbing higher and higher in the spirit with Me and in that place nothing be impossible to you as you truly surrendered and subjected yourself to my leadership.

And now, I have given you an invitation to enter into My joy, and you have graciously accepted this invitation.

From this place of joy, kingdoms will be shattered, they will totter and reel losing their grip, and they will fall, not being able to return to their place for they will have been displaced.

In and from this place of joy you will attain victory upon victory upon victory upon victory upon victory.

As you have stood unwilling to be moved because you know what My word says, and as you have stood unwilling to let go of the promises I have spoken to you in the secret place, as you have stood and fought against the enemy using the Sword of My Spirit you have prevailed, even though you felt like you were defeated it was of a truth the enemy who was defeated.

There will be challenges to your faith, they will come and go. Yet each challenge is designed with your personal growth in mind. Trust Me in the challenges of your faith even as you trust Me when all is going well, for in those times I will cause you to fly above it all.

As I spoke to Joshua, so I speak to you. Be strong and courageous. Do not fear, and do not allow the enemies tactics to take a stronghold in your mind, for I have also said you have the mind of Christ, therefore rejoice and be filled with the fullness of My joy for you will rise still higher and higher with My Spirit.

Do not allow things of this world push you from your place of position or from the rights and privileges that I have already bestowed upon you as My child.

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