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Merry Christmas To My Dearly Beloved Children

I want each one of you to personally know and believe that you are truly loved and adored, not because of what you do or don’t do, but because of who you are. You are Mine! When you asked Me to come and live in your heart and be your Lord and Savior, I took you at your word and did what you asked. Now, I would ask that you take Me at My word for you can trust Me in your everyday life.

Child, I have never forgotten you, not even once and I never will, as you are forever in My heart. How can I forget that which I thought of and brought forth even from your earthly mother’s womb? My hand was upon you long before I placed you in that tightly confined space of her womb, and My hand is still upon you today.

For many of you, this year has been one of amazement and wonder. You have excelled and learned to fly and soar above it all, daily becoming the beautiful one I created to you be. You have learned how to overcome the many torrents of the enemy and have stood in the face of threats and even defeat. There were times when you fell, but you did not give up and continued to persist. It was because of your persistence that you prevailed. I’m pleased with your spiritual growth and would say to you well done now continue on with grace and faith.

Yet, for some others, this has been a difficult season as you have experienced sickness, pain, sorrow, suffering, loss, doubts, and yes, even anger with Me. Yet what you don’t realize is I was right there with you, even beside you through it all. Some of you have been in that dark place for such a long time that you aren’t sure anymore if there is a light that will shine on you, or even if I still care, I will say to you again, I have never forgotten or forsaken you. Child, you could not sense My presence because you were so overcome with grief and heaviness of heart and you would not allow your soul to be still. If you had, you would have heard Me speaking comfort to you. Honestly, you just refused to move past the hurt and so continued on in that dreadful place which I never intended for you.

There were some who sat in silence and stilled your heart before Me. It was in this place of solitude that you again called out to Me and I heard and responded to you. It was in the stillness and quietness that you began again to sense My presence, and you also heard My voice speaking to you as you gave way to My Spirit.

My children, please understand this, My thoughts and plans for you have never changed from the beginning when I thought of you and planned your destiny and future with Us (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). This was long before you ever were. You were created in Our image and after Our likeness, and then I breathed into you My Life-giving Spirit. Do you know that you were created to look like Me and to act like Me? Think about that and let it gently settle in your spirit. Once you believe that truth and allow it to settle and be rooted and grounded in your spirit you will you begin to think, act, and even speak differently, you will be transformed in your nature.

Think of it this way, in your natural world apples produce apples, dogs produce puppies, and so on. It is no different in the Spirit realm from where you came long before I placed you into your mother’s womb. You were created to emulate Me in every way, therefore My beautiful children ask Me and then trust Me to help you. I desire for you to be all I created you to be in grace and style.

I know you may find this hard to believe and even to understand but I really do have a great destiny just for you. Trust Me with your life. I desire to show you so much more kindness and goodness than you have ever experienced. Also, know this, nothing you have gone through has ever been wasted. In your natural world children grow up even though they experience many falls, bumps, and bruises, and it is no different with your spiritual growth of heart and soul. You will have many ups and downs, yet they are there to help you learn how to arise and overcome, not as a punishment to you.

Do you know that I really can turn water into wine? Even so, I can turn your darkness into light, your sorrow into joy, and your pain into a thing of beautiful worship and rejoicing. I can even take a not so healthy and ungodly attitude and turn it around for My glory. Child of Mine, nothing in your life has been hidden from Me. I’ve seen it all. Now, know and understand this, My arm is not shortened that I cannot reach down and pull you up and out of any and every situation that arises in your life. Sometimes I will pull you up and out, yet at other times I will walk you through it, either way, your deliverance comes through Me, so rejoice that you belong to Me and I belong to you.

Though the enemy has played havoc with you and your mind and many times your thoughts have not been as they should, I can and will intervein on your behalf. Do you know that prayers are being prayed for you even now? Prayers that you know nothing of. As you have cried out to Me and have even said; God where are You, don’t you care about me? I need Your help. I have prompted others to pray for you and out of obedience to Me, they do.

My desire is for you to be wholly blessed, well, healthy, and whole and sound in every area of your spirit, soul, and body. I desire that your life will be fully and amazingly transformed so that even those close to and around you will find it difficult to believe that it is really you. Your true transformation is closer than you realize. Please, for your sake and Mine, do not give up.

Don’t think of Me with your earthly mindset or attitude. I desire for you to grow in your spiritual mind and be renewed in that place.

I actually delight in showing you how to grow and to ask for anything and everything. If you will ask Me, I will teach you how to love, how to pray, and how to remain standing strong when everything seems to be going the wrong way. Child, I will surely strengthen you. Begin to worship Me for who I Am, your God and your Father. Do you know that I really delight when you ask largely of Me? Dare to ask Me for the impossible and trust Me, believe Me for the impossible to be made possible on your behalf. Stand and do not be moved from your position of trust and faith especially when it takes longer than you think it should smile…

Do you want to know what I really desire that you would ask Me? I would love for you to ask Me to help you to grow in your relationship with Me, Jesus, and Holy Spirit. There is so much that We desire to show you and have for you to move into. Jesus and Holy Spirit are waiting for you to ask Me. Our desire is to help you in every area and relationship in your life, and if you will let Us, We will.

Remember, how I sheltered and even fed the sparrows of old, yet they could not ask. My child, I care much more about you and will feed and shelter you. I protected Israel in the midst of the sea even when they were filled with fear, and I will protect you.

I desire that you, even today, right now, and especially in the coming of your New Year to be filled with such awe and wonderment of Me. I want you to dare to dream big and ask Me to fill and to overflow every part of your being. Be all that I have deemed you to be in this life.

Lovingly Yours,



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