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Peace Amid the Chaos

I had a difficult night last night. I slept for two hours and was then wide-awake, and it was like chaos trying to enter into my mind.  And I remember saying, Lord, where are you and all of this, where are you? I need Your peace and I remember suddenly calling out eirene, eirene, eirene, eirene, the peace of the Lord. Oneness with the Lord. I am set as one with the Lord. And all of a sudden, I could feel like the blanket of peace slowly encompassing me as I lay in the bed, and I remember snuggling into this peace like you would snuggle into a blanket on a winters night and I went back to sleep. And I would wake up again and it would be the same chaos, but the whole of the night I was calling eirene, eirene, eirene.

In most of the New Testament Scriptures, the word peace means eirene, to be set at one again, peace, quietness, rest, prosperity, all of that is in eriene.

John 14:27 when Jesus was saying My peace, I give unto you, the word peace is eriene.

And this morning as I’ve been contemplating what transpired during the night I remember just talking to the Lord and thanking Him for His peace that covered me. And I took a pillow and I said Lord it’s just like me holding this pillow. I said  You had your hand upon me to strengthen me, to steady me, but you wrapped Your arms around me to hold me up. And I took a pillow and I put it on my chest, and I wrapped my arms around it and all of a sudden, I could see that Jesus had His arms wrapped around me, and with every breath I would take and release all the chaos melted off of me. The bride had come to a place of intimacy with the Bridegroom until it was Spirit to spirit, Heart to heart, Face to face, pure intimacy.

My heart was beating in sync with His. My breath was breathing in sync with His, not only did I see it, I experienced it. That peace of God that passes all of my understanding mounting guard and garrison over my mind, over my soul. My heart giving way to His heart for me. My thoughts giving way to His thoughts for me until I came to the place where His peace was absolutely radiant covering me. I was dressed with this eriene peace and truly set at one again with my Beloved.

So today I want to leave you with this; in the midst of the storm,  in the midst of the chaos,  in the midst of the crisis, in the midst of all the uncertainty that this world is affording right now,  you can have the eriene, the peace of God to mount guard and garrison over your heart, over your mind, over your soul. You have a big part to play in this.

God will not fail you. Jesus will not turn away from you. The Holy Spirit is here to teach you. John 14:27 the Godhead is in the Scriptures in John 14. The Father sent the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus. Father, Son, Holy Spirit, the Godhead are in these few verses of Scripture. The Holy Spirit will teach you all that Jesus has said to you, He will bring it to your remembrance.

This is peace, this is eirene. The Bridegroom overshadowing His bride in a deep place of intimacy, and it’s not an intimacy that this world has desecrated. This is pure intimacy, pure love, pure peace, eirene.

Thank You, Father, You will never abandon us, but You pull us up higher. You strengthen us to the very core where we can stand, and where we can sit, and where we can even lie down because of Your eirene has covered us, sheltered us, wrapped arms around us. Thank You, Jesus, You are our peace. You are my peace. And I receive and accept Your peace all the days of my life. So Holy Spirit teach me and train me and lead me in the way as Jesus said You would. I love you, I worship You, I honor You, and I treasure You above everything, in Jesus name, Amen.


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