Lord my heart is ablaze with passion for You like a river that rages bursting its banks so is my love for You. Permeate my entire being with Your presence, overflow me with Your fullness. Like Esther of old let Your beautiful fragrance bathe me as I carry your presence.

And I love you my dear one. I get so excited knowing you are coming to spend time with Me not asking for anything but only desiring to be in My presence. Like two lovers who sit and lean on one another and enjoy that place of oneness and the strength which flows to each other, so is our relationship.

I love your relentless passion and persistence. You’re never willing to give up and you refuse to let go of Me. Even in the busyness of your day all you have to do is close your eyes and I’m right there with you. You are a beautiful reservoir where My love flows deep. Even in the night season when you awake, I’m the first thing in your heart the first thing you think of and you tell Me, I love you, Lord, I love you so much. I love your passion for Me. I burn with jealousy for you My beloved and I am not willing for the things of this world to entice you. As you look around and see the different kinds of treasures in your world, you say to Me, Lord, none of these matter to me for You are my greatest treasure and my only desire.

Lord, stir my love even deeper and stronger for You, O yes Lord, stir my love even more for you. My heart overflows knowing that you’re waiting for me to come to You. Knowing that it thrills You that my desire is to be with You. Lord, You’re my everything and without You, my life has no meaning. Like a lovesick teenager so am I when I think of You. A big smile lights my face and my heart overflows with joy at the thought of meeting with You. Lord, I love being with You and just sitting in Your presence, truly there’s nothing I desire more than being with You. Nothing in this world stirs me like You. You are life and peace within me. You are strength and health to me, and even just thinking about You causes Your energy to course through my being.

There’s more my love there’s so much more for you. The beauty of heaven can be yours even now right where you are. I do not withhold My beauty or My treasures from you, no they are yours now.
This is why it is so important for you not to allow the things of your world to interfere in our relationship, or to be brought into our relationship. You are My bride and our relationship is as pure holy wine. I adorn you My righteous one with the freshness that you have longed for. In this new fresh place of My presence, nothing will be withheld from you, nothing.

Now, My bride, I want you to ask of Me and ask largely. I want your faith to arise to meet Mine. I want you to believe Me for what you think is impossible but know this, with Me, nothing is impossible, and I will not withhold from you. I want you to see beyond what you now see. I want you to hear even more than what you are now hearing. I have a fresh place of engagement for you, a fresh place of participation, and there is a fresh strength in this new place that I have reserved just for you. I am desiring to work within you and as I do, I will show you amazing things which have long been hidden in this your new place.

Oh Lord, I’m ready to run with You in this new place. I can see we are flying, and I can feel Your eagerness to show me what You have for me.

Will you give me your hand? If you will, I will take your hand in Mine and I will walk you through everything, for in this journey with Me you will never be alone. I love you dearly, deeply, and passionately. Nothing can stop My love from flowing out to you, no nothing can stop My love from ravishing you. Know that this day I cover and adorn you with My wedding garments. You are Mine!

Yes, Lord, I say yes. Here, please take my hand for I am Yours, My Beloved. I, Your bride, am ready and willing to go with You.

EndNote: In the beginning, Adam and Eve walked and talked with God in the garden yet through sin they lost that privilege. However, Jesus Christ restored ALL that was lost in the garden when He went to the Cross for the sin of the world. Those who receive and accept HIm as their Lord and Savior are fully restored into right relationship with Him and can hear Him call out to them and can have a dual conversation with HIm every day.

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