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The Restored Soul

In my quiet time this morning as I had been pouring out my love and adoration to the Lord, suddenly, the Scripture in Psalms 23 arose in my spirit, saying “the Lord restores my soul”.
I know about natural restoration as we look at it with natural eyes like an old house being restored or a building or whatever it may be, and as people have said; “it looks better than it did before”.
This morning in my quiet time with Jesus and listening in my spirit to what He would say to me about this restoration as I was thinking about this statement, “He restores my soul”, suddenly I had a revelation thought in my spirit saying; “He has brought my soul back into right relationship with Him”. What a WOW and OMG moment for me.
As my spirit began to meditate on this restoration, I could see it, and it was as in the beginning in the garden with Adam and Eve. Everything in them, their spirit, soul, and body was in right relationship with the Lord. It was only when they fell that their soul became out of whack, out of balance as it was no more in a right relationship with God. Only then did the soul, the mind, will, and emotions demand to do its own thing and go its own way, in reality the soul then became a prodigal.
But this morning, again I say to you as I was in my quiet time with Jesus and I was actually laying on the floor and then I just sat up as that Scripture popped into my spirit, into my thinking, “the Lord restores my soul” and out of my mouth I said Lord, You have restored my soul back into right relationship with You.
I became alive as could feel it, His peace was overflowing me I mean all over me. Not just a little warm feeling, it wasn’t the warm fuzzy feeling this was just like a literal blanket of peace covering me, my mind, my will, my emotions, the whole totality of my soul being restored into right relationship with the Father. That’s something I want to meditate on for quite a while. I hope that as you read this it will minister life and peace to you and that you will meditate on your soul, your mind, will, and emotions being fully restored into right relationship with the Father.
We must not allow that deceiver, that enemy called Satan and the devil who desires to destroy our souls to steal that revelation word of life God has released to us…
We are in a spiritual battle not just to maintain…NO, our spiritual battle is to always overcome and to conqueror that enemy of destruction, that enemy who deceives, and we do this through the Power of the Cross of Christ and what He has already won for us, and the Power of His blood shed for us on that cross and the very word of our testimony of Who He is for us and in us and to us, and Who He has called us to be in this life…
Maybe, just maybe this is what Paul meant when he told Timothy to fight the good fight of faith!
1 Timothy 6:12 (AMPC) Fight the good fight of the faith; lay hold of the eternal life to which you were summoned and [for which] you confessed the good confession [of faith] before many witnesses.
KJV Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses.
We have been called by the Godhead unto eternal life here and now, today, tomorrow, next week, month, year, and until the very day we leave this earth…
1. ASK your Heavenly Father exactly what this means for you!
2. Be willing to pray for others that are out of spiritual balance!
3. Do not be moved by what you see in the natural for that is not the real person!
4. Call up that Restored Soul in those acting according to the flesh!
5. Shout Grace, Grace, and plead for mercy!!!
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